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  • 品牌名称:华声
  • 品牌行业:通讯-电话机
  • 公司全称:华声有限公司
  • 华声官方网站:



    官方电话:0756-8822988 8822132 8822419


    华声品牌介绍珠海华光镭射唱片有限公司成立于1991年。华光公司是国内最早经国家新闻出版总署和外经贸部批准从事激光存储片(CD-ROM、CD-A、V-CD、DVD)复制生产的中外合作企业。 华光公司现拥有M2、DATADISC、冠印、恒基等国际先进的复制及印刷生产设备,配备KOCH参数检测仪、ECLIPSE数据分析比较仪、分碟机等一整套完善的质量检测设备,年产光盘4000多万片。   十多年间,秉承“专业、价值、顾客满意”的经营理念,公司致力于专业光盘制造,积累了丰富的专业光盘制造管理经验,造就了一支高素质的人才队伍。公司在2001年通过ISO9001:2000质量管理体系认证,2004年成为广东省首家通过ISO14001:1996环境管理体系认证的光盘制造厂商,这些为公司致力成为全球IT知名品牌专业光盘制造商奠定基石。   公司相信质优能致远,服务见实力。公司目前已为索尼(SONY)、戴尔(Dell)、佳能(canon)、惠普(HP)、爱普生(EPSON)、奥林巴斯(OLYMPUS)、三洋(SANYO)、柯尼卡美能达(Konica Minolta)、卡西欧(CASIO)、京瓷(KYOCERA)、兄弟(brother)、三星(SAMSUNG)等世界知名品牌客户提供着一站式可信赖和差异化的产品加工和服务。 优势经营特色: 1. 超过10年的光盘制造经验 2. 精密的制造及检测设备 3. 完善的产品提供及服务体系 4. ISO9000:2000品质管理体系 5. ISO14001:2000环境管理体系 6. 严格的知识产权保护一站式产品及服务提供 1. 节目数据前期预处理(节目编辑、压缩) 2. 碟芯菲林设计及输出菲林 3. 制作母盘 4. 120mm、80mm、不规则形状、个性化颜色光盘的复制 5. 光盘盘面丝网印刷及柯式印刷 6. 包装物(CD盒、不纺布等)提供及光盘包装 7. 生产许可证及出口批文申报 8. 光盘出口/转厂加工贸易 9. 代理客户终端送货运输 Zhuhai Huaguang Laser Disc Co., Ltd. was found in 1991. It is the first Sino-foreign joint venture to get the approval from the government to start its business in the country. Over a decade, Huaguang has been concentrating on digital memory disc production and accumulated rich experiences in this area. Years efforts have earned the corporation an excellent reputation in optical discs(CD,VCD, DVD,CD-ROM) manufacture. As a professional producer catering for the IT industry, Huaguang has built profits and got inspiration by providing the service, and has witnessed a well-established partner-relation with over 10 renowned IT enterprises in the world. Among those are SONY,Dell,canon,HP,EPSON,OLYMPUS,SANYO,Konica Minolta, CASIO,KYOCERA,brother,SAMSUNG,etc.. Stimulated by the very idea of being ahead, abiding by the management ideology of “customers the first”, Huaguang has given top priority to quality improvement, attached great importance to the customers satisfaction. The corporation now equips with the most advanced facilities, including replication equipments as M2, DATADISC, printing equipments as Guann yinn, Hanky and relevant quality inspection equipments, presenting a total output of 40 million pcs per year. Huaguang became ISO9001:2000 certified in 2001 and was firstly ISO14001:1996 certified in the disc industry in Guangdong Province in 2004. All these are serving Huaguang in its progressing toward a leading professional producer in disc industry. Now Huaguang has developed into one that possesses the ability to offer a variety of highest quality products in a self-desired format, and one enjoys a continuously steady development in its business. While maintaining its well-established advantages , Huaguang will for sure spare no efforts to upgrade operation, perfect management, further innovation , so as to offer the best and reliable service to existing and new customers!